Equine-Assisted Transitions Group

Equine-Assisted Transition Groups

Coming in SUMMER 2018

Jump into High School with the Help of a Horse!

Quarternote Counseling, LLC is offering a psycho-educational transitional group for students who will be entering high school in the fall of 2018. The group will use the modality of equine-assisted learning, in accordance with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) model.

The transition from middle school to high school is a stressful one for many youth. Equine-assisted learning is particularly helpful for teenagers because it does not require extensive talking. The individuals interact with horses who are extraordinarily sensitive to non-verbal signals and interact with the individual without judgement.

“There is something about the outside of a horse
that is good for the inside of a man.”   
~Winston Churchill

Participants will interact with horses at a farm in Nokesville, within an enclosed area on the ground (no mounted activities), as they address challenges that they expect to encounter in high school and develop appropriate coping skills. This is not a mental health therapy group, but rather a skill-building, educational group that will empower the participant to face the uncertainties they feel as they move from middle school to high school.

More information will be posted as dates are firmed.

About the EAGALA Model:

As outlined on the (click here) EAGALA website:

“The EAGALA Model is a distinctive experiential framework designed to allow clients the latitude to discover, learn, and grow from the horse-human relationship….”

“The EAGALA Model involves no riding or horsemanship, making it both safe and effective. Clients work directly with the horses face-to-face on the same footing. This ground level work enables clients to better perceive the horses’ actions and reactions as they work to process and solve their life challenges….”

“(H)orses offer clients honest feedback and usable information that helps them understand how their process and actions affect others and impacts their lives….”



Additional information about this method when used as a psychotherapeutic intervention can be found on our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy page.