Role Play in Therapy

Role Play-Quarternote Counseling

In role play, also called psychodrama, clients use movement, gesture, sound, and action to connect with memories and experiences that might not be accessible otherwise, investigating and gaining insight into their lives. Props are available to facilitate the learning process.

A core principal of role play/psychodrama is the engagement of spontaneity. By addressing a problem in a creative way, reacting in response to impulse in the moment, clients can discover new solutions to problems, and learn new roles they can play in their own lives. Clients have the opportunity to reenact real life past situations, or inner mental processes. They can then reflect and more deeply understand how the past incident/inner process impacts their lives.

Role play/psychodrama can be implemented in individual, family and group sessions. Many clients have reported that their thoughts, feelings and body sensations shift during the course of a role play/psychodrama session in a manner they could not accomplish via conventional talk therapy. This approach can also be more fun and energizing for some clients.

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