About Quarternote Counseling

Quarternote Counseling seeks to empower clients to access their inner resources for change, and tailors therapeutic approaches to fit each individual client’s challenges, culture, value system, learning style, and personality.

Owned/managed by principal therapist Gillian Clissold LPC, Quarternote Counseling welcomes clients experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction challenges, dissociation, trauma symptoms, mood swings, grief, LGBT issues, and family conflict.

Quarternote Counseling is located within the “Morais Plaza” building at 9255 Center Street, Suite 200, Manassas, Virginia 20110.

We have several highly skilled professionals to serve you. Our professional clinical staff is comprised of both Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) and Residents in Counseling. Residents in Counseling have obtained their Masters Degree in clinical counseling, are licensed by the Virginia Board of Counseling a as a resident, and provide services to clients under the direct clinical supervision of a licensed professional while working towards licensure.

Please visit the Quarternote Counseling Staff page for more information and to meet our clinical staff members.